China 'back to normal' — riots break out in Wuhan

China claims that coronavirus cases are a thing of the past; there are no new cases; and, as Reuters touted the other day, the country has now begun its "return to normal." Here's normal: A huge protest march swept out of China's Hubei province on Friday, with thousands of angry residents pouring across a bridge into neighboring Jiangxi province and clashing with police. The capital city of Hubei province is Wuhan, ground zero for the coronavirus pandemic. That's part of a comprehensive report from Breitbart describing the explosive state of unrest in China's big central province, based on Chinese citizen-journalist reports and sources watching closely such as Radio Liberty and Canada's Globe & Mail. Here's just one example: Footage from Hubei, #China appears to show residents attacking officers and police vehicles on a bridge as they attempt to access neighbouring Jiangxi province....(Read Full Post)
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