Are America, and Trump, being played?

Our concern about Donald Trump in the campaign of 2016 was not about his personal morals.  The ultimate choice to vote for him was made easier by the manifest political criminality of Hillary Clinton.  And his emergence as an America First, America-loving president was a welcome relief after the apology tour presidency of Barack Obama.  The concern about Donald Trump was that he had no ideological core.  His public political persona was that of a fairly standard liberal Democrat from New York, but one smart enough over his career to shift around and play both sides of the political aisle as necessary to support his business interests and ambitions. The problem with a leader with no ideological core surfaces in a time of crisis.  He will display who he really is.  This may include a lot of good parts — i.e., he may have the street smarts of a New York real estate developer, and he may have an insightful and...(Read Full Post)
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