A little blue bird confirmed that God is with us

Folks, this is too amazing to believe, but it is totally true. My wife Mary was transferring her six cockatiels and three parakeets to a new cage. After working in my backyard studio, I went back into the house. I opened the door just as blue bird parakeet got away from Mary. He flew pass me, gone forever. Mary was devastated. She was extremely upset and angry at herself for ignoring the small voice in her head which cautioned her to lock the door. Knowing how much Mary loves each of her pets, I felt bad for her. I thought, “Wouldn't it be wild if the bird came back? No, that will never happen.” The next morning, we were about to have our daily Communion honoring Jesus which we normally do in the living room. For no particular reason, we chose to have Communion in our bedroom. After Communion and prayer, I looked out the window and saw a bird on our backyard fence. Amazed, I yelled, “Mary is that your bird?” Mary looked and yelled,...(Read Full Post)
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