With Trump’s acquittal inevitable, Democrats unanimously denigrate acquittal

After 51 Senators voted not to hear any further witnesses in the impeachment, President Trump’s imminent acquittal became inevitable. (With a two-thirds majority required for impeachment, Trump’s acquittal was always inevitable; it just would have dogged Trump longer and created more possibilities for mischief.) Because Trump was acquitted without live testimony in the Senate, Democrats are insisting that he has not been cleared of the charges against him. Nancy Pelosi and the other non-lawyers making this claim can be excused for being stupid. Those Democrats who are lawyers, however, have no excuse for saying something so inconsistent with American jurisprudence. As always when attacking Trump, Democrats are moving in lockstep. This time, the lockstep is that, absent witnesses, Trump hasn’t really been “acquitted”; he has, instead, escaped justice. Here’s the supercut of Democrats repeating variations of the line that “acquittal is...(Read Full Post)
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