Will Ruth Bader Ginsburg kill the Equal Rights Amendment?

Iconic progressive Ruth Bader Ginsburg's feminist legacy is in jeopardy.  It has to do with the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment  (ERA).  Here's the story.  Since being taken over by new-era Democrats, Virginia has continued its hard tilt to the left by voting to ratify the ERA this past January.  It takes 38 states to ratify an amendment before it is incorporated into the Constitution, and Virginia makes the 38th.  But not so fast.  There are several problems.  First, Virginia, as well as several other states, have ratified the ERA decades after the time limit set by Congress for its national passage lapsed.  Number two, since initially ratifying the ERA, four states have revoked their initial ratification.  They are Idaho, Kentucky, Nebraska, and South Dakota.  Since Article V of the Constitution is silent on whether or not a state can rescind its ratification, proponents of...(Read Full Post)
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