Why thoughtcrime? Why not crime crime?

"Leopards don't change their spots."  I hate hearing that.  By the time the pseudo-soothsayer gets halfway through saying the word "leopard," I have to bite my lower lip to keep from ridiculing him for that tired sentence.  Being a therapist, my creed says people can change their will when desire demands it, when the rewards are greater than the risks of stagnation. Only a few days after 9/11, many broadcasters groveled before our attackers: "Why do they hate America?"  Beyond the TV, no one in my rarified circle of New Yorkers and Floridians seemed angered by it.  The deeper meaning and implications about our national security either never registered or were not viewed as horrific. Since we apparently need hate crime legislation, don't we also need hate terrorism laws?  We are being told that hate crime is on the rise, but what about addressing the numbers for crime...(Read Full Post)
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