We're only now learning how deep the swamp is

In the eyes of Washington politicians and lobbyists, President Donald Trump is the most dangerous person in the world.  First, he's a rich white male who has run a generally conservative administration.  Second, he's impulsive and quick to take offense.  And lastly, he's genuinely making progress at taking down the swamp. However, Trump's progress shows just how deep the swamp is — because no matter how much he does, there's always another monster crawling out. Some of the monsters are familiar.  Republican Oklahoma senator James Lankford has followed in his predecessor's footsteps by releasing an annual report on examples of inefficient and wasteful spending in the federal government.  Nearly $400 billion in this type of spending was identified in the last report, released in December 2019.  That's nearly $1,200 per American. Then there are improper...(Read Full Post)
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