Those 'stuffy' Americans

On Saturday, February 8, 2020,  Jennifer Lopez defended the recent Super Bowl halftime performance with Shakira, which has been criticized for being sexually inappropriate.  Here is her defense: "a celebration of women and the Latino culture." "The message of standing up for yourself, being a women — that's what I want to pass on to little girls — everything about you — be proud of it," she said.  "I'm very proud of the performance that night." I would like to know what she was standing up for that night and what exactly she wants to pass on to little girls.  Does being a woman mean being a stripper, grabbing your crotch, and spreading your legs to an audience?  That is standing up for oneself as a woman?  Is the message to little girls that the essence of being female is their vagina?  Imagine the uproar if men had the same message about their...(Read Full Post)
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