The Trump administration is finally going after sanctuary cities

One of the most galling things that the left has done is to block Immigration and Customs Enforcement by creating so-called sanctuaries to protect known criminal illegal aliens from arrest.  The phrase "sanctuary city" (or sometimes "sanctuary state") is something of a misnomer because while these places are sanctuaries for criminals who are being released back into the community, they're anything but sanctuaries for the communities ravaged by those same aliens. Early on, the Trump administration tried to withhold federal funds from California as a way to block it from declaring itself a sanctuary.  The problem was that California rushed into federal court, where a friendly activist judge immediately issued a nationwide injunction.  It wasn't until July 2019 that the Ninth Circuit reversed that decision, and then only on narrow grounds. Suddenly, after three years, the Trump administration is moving aggressively against...(Read Full Post)
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