The real reason Joe Biden is running

Some things are worth repeating, and Sundance's take on the candidacy of Joe Biden is one of them.  His basic premise is that Biden's candidacy was an engineered effort by the Democrat establishment from the start.  Its purpose was not electing Biden, but impeaching President Trump.  Here's the theory: The former vice president and long-term senator was never a viable candidate.  The public is only now becoming aware of Biden's diminished mental state; his creepy, pawing habits; and his rank corruption.  But every political insider knew these facts and knew they would eventually come out in a general election if Biden were ever to secure the nomination.  This is why when Biden was considering jumping into the race, Barack Obama told him, "You don't need to do this, Joe, you really don't."   Ah, but he did need to.  After the Robert Mueller witch hunt went bust...(Read Full Post)
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