The party that can't govern

It happens every time I debate a liberal on Spanish TV.  He wants Congress to pass immigration reform or DACA or a ban on assault weapons. Then I ask a simple question: why didn't you do it when you had majorities? Then they call Trump a racist, and nothing much happens after that. Have we reached a point where Democrats are simply unable to get anything done?  Are they just the talking party? I agree with Daniel Henninger: "So what, other than hunting Donald Trump, does the Democratic Party stand for?" I have come to the conclusion that hating or stopping Trump is the only thing that can keep two Democrats from stabbing each other to death. Health care?  They don't really agree on anything other than everyone should have access to health care. Don't they know that Obamacare already does that?  Anyone in the U.S. can go to the ObamaCare website and find a policy.  You cannot be...(Read Full Post)
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