The major takeaway from the State of the Union

Every morning, my awesome wife Mary brings me coffee in bed.  While reflecting on President Trump's amazing State of the Union speech, I received a text from my brother Jerry.  He is an extremely outspoken Christian and black conservative Republican.  The pastor and congregation at his Baltimore all-black church despises Trump.  Jerry is a lone voice of truth in a wilderness of Democrat deception and fake news media lies.  He feels that God has assigned him to stay in his church to be salt.  Salt makes a difference. Jerry's text succinctly nailed Democrats' behavior at the State of the Union. "Last night President Trump knocked it out of the park.  I give him an A+.  Just as I thought it would be, the Dems were shameful and embarrassing.  They really don't care about the average American people.  To them, we're just disrespected pawns to be used for...(Read Full Post)
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