The Democrats who cry 'wolf' — and the real election meddlers

One of fabled storyteller Aesop's most famous tales is about a shepherd boy named Peter, who liked to cry "wolf." As the story goes, Peter was young and bored.  To break the monotony of his job, he repetitively cried out "wolf" in an attempt to obtain communal regard and assistance in watching his herd.  After members of his community rushed to his faux cries of "wolf" multiple times only to discover that Peter's cries were a ruse, when Peter called for help after a wolf really did threaten his flock, nobody listened.  Russia, Russia, Russia is the Democrats' modern version of Peter's fake cries of "wolf."  For three years, they have tortured President Trump, America, and the citizens who elected him with a nightmarish landscape of false accusations of Russian election collusion and Trump's degenerate acts of the worst kind.  Fortunately, over and over...(Read Full Post)
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