The Democrats who cry 'wolf' — and the real election meddlers

One of fabled storyteller Aesop's most famous tales is about a shepherd boy named Peter, who liked to cry "wolf."

As the story goes, Peter was young and bored.  To break the monotony of his job, he repetitively cried out "wolf" in an attempt to obtain communal regard and assistance in watching his herd.  After members of his community rushed to his faux cries of "wolf" multiple times only to discover that Peter's cries were a ruse, when Peter called for help after a wolf really did threaten his flock, nobody listened. 

Russia, Russia, Russia is the Democrats' modern version of Peter's fake cries of "wolf."  For three years, they have tortured President Trump, America, and the citizens who elected him with a nightmarish landscape of false accusations of Russian election collusion and Trump's degenerate acts of the worst kind.  Fortunately, over and over again, as with Peter, their phony accusations have been debunked. 

Hilariously, they have just tried it again, but their perfidy has been almost immediately exposed.  First, President Trump mocked the accusations for the absurdity that they were.  Why, Trump pondered, would Russia help him — the capitalist with a capital "C," when a communist such as Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders is leading the woe-begotten Democrat field?  Second, on the heels of Trump's query was the revelation that communist-leaning Sanders was actually the true recipient of Russia's meddling and that he had been briefed on the dangers.  Bernie has proclaimed his outrage and warned his followers not to be tricked by fake news.  Wink, wink.  Interestingly, nobody from the FBI has tried to spy on Sanders or set him up as they did President Trump. 

Moreover, meddling charges on their face are ridiculous — as the Democrats themselves have been guilty of gross meddling in foreign elections.  Also, it is important to note that meddling in foreign elections or providing money to fund them is a violation of international law.  However, that did not stop past president Barack Hussein Obama from influencing many such foreign elections. 

As a senator, Obama flew to Kenya on a taxpayer-funded trip and campaigned for ultra-leftis, Muslim presidential candidate Raila Odinga.  After Odinga was elected, and Obama was president, Obama funneled millions of dollars to Odinga to support his reign. 

In Libya, through then–secretary of state Hillary Clinton, as president, Obama was instrumental in the overthrow of Moammmar Gaddafi.  Obama spent over a billion dollars to effectuate Gaddafi's overthrow and murder. 

Probably more overt and egregious was Obama's interference in Egypt.  There he helped orchestrate the so-called "Arab Spring" and the overthrow of American ally President Hosni Mubarak.  Mubarak was replaced with the radical Muslim Brotherhood member Mohamed Morsi.  When the Egyptian people realized Morsi's radicalism and the depth of America's interventions, they threw Morsi out.  Morsi was replaced by pro-American Abdel Fatteh al-Sisi.

In 2015 in Israel, Obama openly campaigned to defeat the re-election of strong United States ally President Benjamin Netanyahu.  Through John Kerry, Obama funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to opposition groups in the guise of United States State Department grants. 

Oh, the hypocrisy. 

The actual meddlers in America's elections are right here in the United States.  They are the Democrats who are O.K. with the use of personal identification for medical treatment, air travel, check-cashing, and entrance into inner-city posh high-rise corporate buildings but viciously fight the use of personal identification for voting.  It's prejudicial, they proclaim.  Hogwash.  Why do Democrats assert and assume that certain groups of people can't obtain personal identification?  It's a cynical canard, trotted out to camouflage voter fraud. 

Actual election meddlers are also the election administrators who refuse to purge the voter registration lists.  Consequently, long dead people's names remain in the lists, and often multiple families are listed as living at the same address.  Thus, an another avenue for voter fraud is perpetuated. 

Disgracefully, actual election meddlers are non–United States citizens who finagle themselves, with assistance from Democrat facilitators, into the election rolls.  Each time an illegal votes, or a dead person votes, an American citizen's legal vote is canceled out. 

So the next time we hear Russia, Russia, Russia, we all know what it means: Peter calling wolf. 

Lynne Lechter is an elected member of the Pennsylvania State Republican Committee, an international lawyer, and a litigator practicing in Philadelphia. 

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