The case to get rid of the Federal Aviation Administration

If you oppose public schooling, you are thought to be against education; the possibility that you favor private institutions of learning never quite arises.  If you reject government highways as congested death traps, you are seen as an opponent of travel by roads and streets.  If you do not favor socialized medicine, many opine that you are an enemy of good health, not a proponent of free enterprise in this field. Likewise, if you want the Federal Aviation Administration disbanded, your views are rejected as maniacal, since this implies that you want planes to crash and passengers to be killed. Nothing can be farther from the truth.  Instead, the cry "disband the FAA" is a move in the direction of more safety, not less. How can this be?  The FAA is a coercive bureau.  No passenger-carrying plane gets off the ground without the FAA's imprimatur.  It does not lose any money when it makes a type I error,...(Read Full Post)
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