Sanders pockets the Party

Despite everything the party insiders and their lackeys in the media are doing to try to stop him, Bernie Sanders keeps polling well and getting votes.  That has the Democrat powers-that-be in a panic.  Their fear is that Sanders will win the nomination and that the presence of an avowed socialist at the top of the ticket will cause a Democrat wipe-out in November.  Trevor Thomas has an excellent piece at American Thinker on the Democrats' Bernie problem.  Party insiders, he argues, "should not be surprised that the electorate they've so 'educated' prefers a legitimate socialist as their presidential nominee." This is an idea worth exploring.  The Democrat Party's decades-long march to the political left has indoctrinated its voters into being socialists in all but the name.  Consequently, it is no surprise that those voters are now ready to vote for a politician who proudly proclaims he is a...(Read Full Post)
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