Politics and best buds

In trying to get traction for his presidential bid, Mike Bloomberg makes more of his relationship with Barack Obama than was there.  David Axelrod says the two "certainly weren't best buds."  As if that needed saying.  Obama was Obama's only best bud.  And from what we've been reading about Bloomers, he himself is his only best bud. To be sure, best budness probably doesn't characterize many presidents or candidates.  The ego necessary to go for that prize just doesn't leave much room for warm relationships apart from spouses.  Still, one feels a human warmth about, say, Donald Trump, that was missing in Barack Obama.  The same was true of George W. Bush as compared to Bill Clinton, even if Bush did later reveal himself to be a RINO. Underlying the idea of a best bud is the capacity to enjoy others, usually marked by friendliness.  Trump was always popular on...(Read Full Post)
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