Of course Vindman deserved to be fired

During his testimony at the House impeachment hearing, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman said Oleksander Danylyuk, the chairman of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council, offered him the job of Ukrainian defense minister.  Vindman treated this as a comic opera episode, but he is a bit ambiguous about whether he regarded it as a real offer. Danylyuk confirms that the comment was made but says it was only, and obviously, a joke.  That the offer was meant as a joke seems clear, but jokes often hide important truths, and the reading-between-the-lines implications of this one are disturbing.  What Danylyuk meant, in all probability, was that Vindman was so favorable to Ukraine that he was indistinguishable from a Ukrainian official. Such a position is not appropriate for a staffer of the U.S. National Security Council, who should be advising the president on the U.S. national interest with regard to the Ukraine, not lobbying for the...(Read Full Post)
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