More #HimToo vindication for Johnny Depp

The case for Hollywood leading man Johnny Depp being the victim of a monstrous con based on #MeToo activism, his career ruined by false accusations of abuse, coupled with the sad reality of being a victim of a female abuser, is starting to get obvious with the latest revelations about what he went through. Depp, recall, had been an A-list actor with his choice of leading roles until he ended his marriage in 2017 with an abusive actress named Amber Heard, who, according to recently released tapes, admitted to violently attacking him even as he tried to fend her off.  I wrote about that here. At the time, she came off as a classic abuser, in denial about her physical attacks on the man, with a secondary vicious streak, too, in that she glommed onto the #MeToo movement triggered by Harvey Weinstein, publicly pinning Depp as the abuser through an editorial as well as a $7-million donation to the ACLU to promote protection of women against...(Read Full Post)
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