Memo to Democrats: Learn to code

Democrats still haven't counted all their ballots in Iowa, and already they've moved on to other high-visibility stupidities - most notably in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's ostentatiously childish paper-ripping gesture in the wake of President Trump's stellar State of the Union speech.  In more ways than one, it's time for Democrats to do what they like to tell laid-off coal miners to do: Learn to code. Iowa of course, is still one problem for them going on. Their media-vaunted data wizards, such as former Hillary Clinton campaign operative, can't even get an app out for a small state in a high-visibility primary. The app is junk, and the tally is still out. Already they're resorting to their default position, which is blaming President Trump:   It might be helpful to have a President and government that understand technology so this sort of thing doesn’t happen. — Andrew Yang🧢 (@AndrewYang) February 4,...(Read Full Post)
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