Media puffery can’t hide the Democrats’ impeachment face plant

Late on Thursday night after the impeachment hearings had ended, the headline  column at Politico  was  "How Trump's impeachment created two Democratic Superstars"  by Jake Sherman and Heather Caygle.   They authors waxed rhapsodic about Adam Schiff and Hakeem Jeffries!   The column, dated 1/30, then disappeared into the nether regions of the site.  Maybe someone at Politico thought better of heralding the continued fawning over the two men who made the biggest fools of themselves over the past week.   Schiff cannot utter a sentence that doesn't contain a lie.  Jeffries' most hilarious assertion was that the Steele dossier, the entirety of which has been proven to be all lies, was just fine because it was "purchased"!  They are trying to impeach the President for allegedly asking the new President of Ukraine to look into the...(Read Full Post)
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