Leftist thuggery: Political violence accelerates against Trump-supporters

It happened again.  According to the Washington Examiner: A 34-year-old antifa supporter is facing charges for allegedly assaulting a teen fan of President Trump. Patrick Bradley of Windham, New Hampshire, allegedly assaulted three supporters of Trump after voting in the state Democratic primary on Tuesday, according to NBC Boston. Police say Bradley walked by a Trump campaign tent and "slapped a 15-year-old juvenile across the face." Two adults attempted to defend the boy, and police say Bradley attacked them, as well. A review of Bradley's Facebook page conducted by the Post Millennial revealed that the 34-year-old is an avid supporter of antifa. Bradley shared a number of memes supporting antifa and communism on his page. He also defended the group, which is known for violent attacks on journalists and others at their rallies. This is just the latest of a string of violent incidents against Trump...(Read Full Post)
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