Hydrogen hyped as a new greenie energy panacea in Australia

In Australia, the greenie official nominated by the government for the title of "chief scientist" is railing against climate change and hailing a new miracle fuel to make Australia green: hydrogen.  Left unsaid, it seems that last decade's trendy fuel substitutes to replace carbon compounds, such as solar and wind power, weren't the panaceas they had been touted as.  That's an implicit admission of their inefficiency.  According to The Australian: Addressing the National Press Club in Canberra, Dr Finkel declared hydrogen could be Australia's "hero" fuel source to help confront the impacts of climate change and build an industry capable of creating thousands of new jobs. He warned the only way to meet the country's future energy needs without sacrificing standards of living or undermining the economy was an orderly transition to "clean electricity". "Let's assume that...(Read Full Post)
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