How Bernie might beat Trump

Although we are relatively early in the process, it is probable that, barring some unforeseen turn of events (for example, a health issue), Bernie Sanders will be the Democrat presidential nominee.   The left-leaning but respected prognostication site FiveThirtyEight says Sanders will most likely take the nomination, and the mainstream press have generally anointed him the frontrunner.   Conventional wisdom says this is good for President Trump as the betting flips against Sanders in the general election, with some odds as low as 15% for a Sanders victory.  But there are no guarantees in politics, and much the same things were said about Trump in 2016.  So it is worth considering how Sanders might win a general election. There's no question that the Democrat establishment is terrified of a Sanders nomination.  Meet the Press host Chuck Todd, who represents Democrat pedestrian punditry as well as anyone, quickly...(Read Full Post)
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