Explaining why Mitt Romney really voted to convict Trump

Mitt Romney didn't just shoot inside the Grand Old Party's tent by voting for one article of impeachment against President Trump.  The Utah senator became a heretic to the very people who once supported him, financially and electorally. The vote for conviction goes beyond mere policy disagreement, such as the proper tax rate for depreciation recapture.  It goes beyond refusing to defend your party head.  What Romney did was lob a M67 into the center of the Republican Party, intended for everyone from Ted Cruz to Susan Collins to lifelong GOP member Ethel Grannysmith in Boca Raton, before retreating to the warm fastness of media approbation. In some sense, Romney's yea for constitutional extraction wasn't a surprise.  Despite auditioning for the role of Foggy Bottom chief and petitioning for a presidential imprimatur for his Senate run, Romney hasn't been quiet about his disapproval of Trump.  He has openly...(Read Full Post)
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