Daddy Warbucks qualifies for Nevada Democrat debate

Mike Bloomberg, the "former Republican," has qualified for Nevada's Wednesday-night Democrat debate.  This is by virtue of polls such as the latest NPR/PBS/Marist poll, which shows nationwide that the self-funding billionaire is in second place at 19 percent behind the leader, Bernie Sanders, with 31 percent.  Joe Biden is hovering in third place at 15 percent. Bloomberg's presence will make the debate especially interesting to watch.  He has shot up in the polls due to spending over $300 million in advertising and staffing.  Considering that Mini-Mike was polling around three percent just a few months ago, this is a dramatic rise.  And it has come at the expense of all the other candidates except Sanders, who has a comfortable lead in all sections of the country, according to the NPR/PBS/Marist poll. But Bloomberg's numbers may be soft.  So far, he has had smooth...(Read Full Post)
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