China, coronavirus: Truth hurts

No, this title is no reference to the mega-hit by reigning pop/rap star Lizzo.  In "Truth Hurts," Lizzo raps that she ain't going to be anyone's side chick.  China clearly thought the United States and the rest of the universe could be its side chick, as it fumbled, dissembled, and obfuscated the truth regarding the coronavirus.  While nobody is certain of the disease's genesis, it is certain that the grim statistics are rising and from the onset were worse than China admitted.  That could have implications for us here in the States in ways we may not find pleasant. But now it's starting to get out that things are bad.  When China quarantined 51 million people for then-reported coronavirus cases of a scant few hundred, the ratios didn't jive.  When the 36-year-old Wuhan doctor who sounded the alarm was pictured with a mask over his nose and a tube in his throat...(Read Full Post)
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