Buttigieg, the evasive chameleon

Elizabeth Vaughn of Red State cites Don Bongino to explain Pete Buttigieg's appeal the Democrat voters despite his glaring inexperience and poor performance as mayor of the small city of South Bend, Indiana.  Bongino says, "Pete Buttigieg has a near magical ability to never answer a question. His [BSing] skills are second to none in the Dem field."  Bongino says that when Buttigieg doesn't want to answer a question, he'll ramble on for four or five minutes without giving an answer.  A compliant media lets Mayor Pete get away with this.  But putting aside the media for the time being, what accounts for this ability — that Buttigieg has to disguise his true beliefs with such evasion? Photo credit: Edward Kimmel. There are two reasons.  To understand the first, go to the 1980s and back from there.  That was before homosexual behavior was mandated to be acceptable by the leading lights...(Read Full Post)
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