Buh-bye: Bill Kristol finally crosses to the Democrats

Not that Bill Kristol is a guy who merits much attention anymore, but sure enough, the biggest, most recalcitrant, most self-defeating #NeverTrump out there has finally come out as a ... Democrat:

The Daily Caller spotted this:



At first I suspected he meant what he said metaphorically, but then I went to the gag-inducing mess of tweets sitting out on his Twitter site and saw this:



He's definitely switched sides. Which is a shame. We used to like his writings so much. And then something happened that made him one of the craziest anti-Trumpsters out there.

And different to boot.

Most #NeverTrumps have moved back into the conservative fold one way or another - John Podhoretz and Jonah Goldberg seem to have come close to the mainstream and remain recognizable as bona fide conservatives; Kevin Williamson has remained mostly quiet and focused on conservative issues outside the Beltway, Peggy Noonan is all over the map but sometimes comes through in spite of herself... Many others have simply changed their minds and based on Trump's presidential performance, support Trump with no reservations.

Not Kristol. Based on these tweets, he seems to have joined Max Boot and Jennifer Rubin in becoming someone entirely unrecognizable from his former self, so offended by Trump's existence and so baffled by the conservatives' delight in him that he doesn't know what to to do with himself, other than to insult Trump, make non-persons of his supporters and help the other side. That in turn has made him irrelevant. His new site, The Bulwark, is no Weekly Standard, a marvelously popular conservative weekly in its heyday.

Daily Caller has a string of scorings from members of the public, particularly on that arrogant use of the word "we" which pretty well writes off any conservative who supports Trump as a non-person, or deplorable.

Now he's off to the Democrats, who will surely greet him with open arms....

Buh-bye and good riddance.


Image credit: Twitter screen shot


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