#BloombergIsRacist trends away on Twitter

With the Democratic Party nomination rapidly coming down to Bernie Sanders and Mike Bloomberg, Bernie's allies (or maybe the pro-Sanders Russian bots) have started a #BloombergIsRacist trend on Twitter. Someone's dug up these tapes on Michael Bloomberg to shock the locals: Welp... now I know why EXACTLY #BloombergIsRacist is trending... yikes. https://t.co/c4ADUn1yRi — Baby Yoda reads Chomsky (@wilson6923) February 11, 2020 Jfc, and I thought the other clip was bad! 😳 #BloombergIsRacist pic.twitter.com/mkI5Y3vZ1U — HootHootBerns🌹🌺 (@HootHootBerns) February 11, 2020 This is the guy the @DNC/@TheDemocrats loved to change the rules for. @TomPerez It's amazing how the MSM calls the Bernie Revolution radical, yet love to embrace the racist ideas of Bloomberg. #BloombergIsRacist https://t.co/M9t6f7cuad — 🏳️‍🌈Batavus🏳️‍🌈 🌹E Pluribus Bernie🌹 (@B_Droogstoppel) February 11,...(Read Full Post)
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