Bloomberg gives death panels a try

Mike Bloomberg says health care will bankrupt us unless we deny it to the elderly.  He means the elderly who aren't rich. He's talking about a National Health Service.  That's been tried — is still being tried — in Canada and England and Australia.  All are notorious for patients dying from neglect, or while waiting to use life-saving treatment readily available in America without waiting, such as dialysis.  It's well known that Canadians near the border often come down to America for such treatment.  They would die waiting in line at home. That's what nationalized health care does, and it's what Mike has in mind for us. Twelve years ago, Sarah Palin warned us about death panels deciding who got to live or die while waiting for treatment.  Liberals raised a hue and cry about her terminology, but that's what Mike Bloomberg's talking about — only Mike would make the...(Read Full Post)
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