Wrong president and wrong year, Ayatollah

Interesting stuff going on in the Middle East.  As the old year closed, Iranians in Iraq besieged the U.S. embassy.  President Trump tweeted that Iran would be held "fully responsible" for any lives lost at U.S. facilities abroad.  Iranian top dog Ayatollah Ali Khamenei gleefully taunted: "You can't do a damn thing!" Khamenei got the year and the president wrong.  This wasn't 1979 and Jimmy Carter, or 2015 and Barack Obama.  After a couple days, Trump airmailed his response: a seeing-eye missile that took out Quds Force commander General Qassem Soleimani along with other generals and some colonels. Oops. Now Khamenei's really mad.  He vows "harsh retaliation," as if Iraqi lives already lost to Quds don't count and shouldn't matter.  Ali seems to be taking it personally, ignoring Don Corleone's advice about not hating your enemies lest it affect...(Read Full Post)
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