Why is the WSJ downplaying Trump's tax cuts?

In the weekend edition of the WSJ, dated Jan. 4 and 5, there's a long article by Richard Rubin and Theo Francis titled "Taking Stock of the Tax Overhaul's Impact" with a sub-heading: "The cuts helped the economy but not dramatically."  My immediate thoughts were, either these journalists have little analytical ability concerning economics or they don't care because they are pushing an agenda. Here is a sample of information that shows that the tax cuts obviously dramatically helped the overall economy and especially those in the bottom and middle classes, whom most journalists and other Democrats only pretend to care about: In 2017, the bureau of labor statistics projected that the number of jobs created in 2017 would be 600,000, in 2018, 600,000 and in 2019 600,000. The actual numbers were 2017, 2.2 million; 2018 2.7 million; and 2019, 2.1 million. Of course, Paul Krugman and Mark Zandi, whom...(Read Full Post)
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