Whoa! GOP does not have 51 votes to dismiss?

How imbecilic are those Republicans trying to make a name for themselves by supporting the unconstitutional Schiff/Pelosi articles of impeachment? Beyond polite description. Susan Collins, Rob Portman, probably the self-serving Mitt Romney, are all trying to be the biggest monkey wrenches in an already ridiculous endeavor to remove President Trump from office.  Each of them should just admit he is a Democrat at heart and switch parties.  How else to explain their betrayal of their own party?  Poor judgment is one thing, like Matt Gaetz voting for Pelosi's meaningless resolution to limit Trump's ability to counteract Iran.  That was just dumb, a hopefully momentary lapse.  As for the rest of them, they are idiotic, masters of their own demise.  If they fail to realize that Donald Trump is the most successful, most popular president in decades, perhaps ever, they do not have the requisite brains to hold...(Read Full Post)
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