What's so vaunted about the GAO?

The GAO has been getting a lot of attention lately for claiming that President Trump "broke the law," and it doesn't deserve it. I don't recall the GAO saying that Congress broke the law by misusing taxpayer money to set up a slush fund to pay out claims to protect members of Congress. We are told that $17 million was paid out over decades to pay 268 claims.  We don't know what the claims were, we don't know whom the claims were against, and we don't know who was paid, so why should we believe that only $17 million was paid? It is a great story of how little legislative bodies throughout the United States care about ethics, taxpayer money, transparency, and policing their own. The media and other Democrats said that when Trump used personal money to pay off blackmailing Stormy Daniels, that somehow violated campaign financing laws.  That is idiotic, but wasn't this slush fund used specifically to protect people in...(Read Full Post)
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