Traitorous Democrats hope for American casualties

Democrats want the Iranian retaliation for Soleimani's death to be significant, with enough casualties to convince the public to either vote against Trump in the coming election or support his impeachment. Disgracefully, they are actually rooting for American deaths so they and the media can soak Trump in enough blood for the left to regain power.  They are determined to be rid of this president, and if Americans must die for that to happen, their deaths will serve a higher purpose. Just as with Barack Obama, the Democrats care only about partisan advantage — Americans themselves mean little to them in the great game of political power. Remember the good old days, when Barack Obama was president, and it was traitorous to oppose any of his foreign policy actions?  Today, seditious Democrats side with Iran against a duly elected president. When Obama killed bin Laden in 2011, the nation rejoiced because it was good for America.  Most...(Read Full Post)
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