The impeachment case against Trump already lies in smoking ruins

We all know that from the moment he was elected the Left has intended to see President Trump impeached.  The Washington Post called for impeachment  nineteen minutes after the forty-fifth president was inaugurated.  Numerous irresponsible members of Congress and the media are on record demanding that he be impeached before they had even an inkling of what kind of President he would be.  As it has turned out, Donald Trump has been a magnificent President.  He has accomplished things his predecessor in office, Barack Obama, said could never be achieved.  He has brought manufacturing back to the US.  Unemployment is the lowest in decades.  Many of the regulations that have strangled the economy have been rolled back.    The list of the benefits his leadership has brought to the American people is too long to list here, but his many successes have driven the Democrats to mass...(Read Full Post)
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