Taco Bell trumps Biden and Bernie

Things are so bad in America, we are told Gen Z has embraced Bernie Sanders socialism just as a way to get by. Meanwhile the ever unhelpful Joe Biden advises unemployed coal miners to "learn to code."  Apparently, the great-paying Ukraine energy sector, where they might even have some demonstrated aptitude, is no longer hiring. Then this story comes along: Taco Bell paying managers six figures!  That isn't even the highest in the industry; places in California like In-And-Out are so desperate to get decent managers that they pay half again that amount.   And it's not just California.  Even in my modestly growing fly-over hometown, the Fight for $15 is over without a shot or law being fired.  If you have a pulse and can pass a drug test, the giant UPS hub will match that, and with great benefits.  And a mere high school grad here can find plenty of ordinary jobs...(Read Full Post)
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