Socialism vs. liberty: Come November, the choice is yours

As the Democrat candidates for president fall over each other decrying our economic system, imagined inequality, capitalism, our free market, and lack of opportunities, one has to wonder what country these ingrates are living in. As millions throughout the globe attempt to reach our shore legally and illegally, surely, it is not to an America as described by these Democrat contenders.  Perhaps millions who often risk their lives to set foot on our shore can teach these ungrateful contenders the benefits America has to offer.  Our framers had the wisdom to create a constitutional republic for the people and by the people with liberty and justice for all.  It is precisely our Constitution and its underpinnings that permit men and women the opportunity to be the best they can be and to live lives they themselves create. YouTube screen grab. Currently, we have an entire Democrat party that seeks to erase those principles and replace the country...(Read Full Post)
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