Rick Wilson jumps the shark

Former Republican strategist Rick Wilson just jumped the shark during a recent interview segment with CNN's Don Lemon.  "Jumping the shark" is a term inspired by the infamous episode of Happy Days in which tough guy Fonzie was literally dared by a California beach bum (who subsequently chickened out) to a water-ski jumping contest over a shark confined by a net.  The show had been in a gradual decline for a while — there are only so many times the same basic idea can get recycled and still generate laughs — but that was the coup de grâce for the series.  The phrase means you've gone too far. And who is Rick Wilson, you might ask yourself out of morbid curiosity?  An excellent question, considering I was just asking myself the same thing.  According to his Wikipedia page, Wilson's claim to fame as a Republican strategist dates back to the late 1980s, when he worked for...(Read Full Post)
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