President Trump trolls Democrat-run cities' serious mismanagement

Because World War III has not yet started (and we don't believe that the targeted killing of a terrorist will start it), President Trump is turning his gimlet eye and wonderful sense of humor back to domestic issues.  Monday night, he had a message for Democrat-run cities, mostly in California.  It's no secret that West Coast Democrat-run cities are having disastrous problems with rampant homelessness.  As a West Coast native, I know that some of it has to do with the temperate climate.  It's easier to live on the streets with a temperature range between 50°F and 80°F than it is when the lows drop below freezing and the highs are near 100°F. Temperature alone, though, does not account for the homeless crisis in California cities, as well as similar crises in other Democrat-run cities such as Seattle and New York.  The problem is one of management. In each of these cities, either state or local Democrat...(Read Full Post)
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