Once again, Covington Catholic High School is in the news

Last year, Covington Catholic High School hit the American media like a bomb because of a video that the media claimed showed a smug, MAGA-hat wearing, anti-abortion boy smirking at a noble Native American. In fact, the video actually showed a polite, pro-Life, pro-Trump, 16-year-old boy smiling nervously as an aggressive activist invaded his space, drumming away at him. CNN has already caved to the truth and paid Nick Sandmann, that nice boy, a sum reputed to be around $25 million for slandering him. Other media outlets are expected to pay up too. This year, thankfully, we are not seeing a rehash of the media pile-on against young people who oppose abortion. Covington Catholic, however, did again charter some buses to take its students from Park Hills, Kentucky, to the March for Life. As far as we can tell, all went well in D.C. On the trip home, though, one of the three buses carrying the students was hit by a driver traveling south on a northbound stretch of road. Thankfully,...(Read Full Post)
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