Michael Bloomberg is playing the race card

Mike Bloomberg is not your ordinary Leftist.  Yes, he wants gun control, abortion on demand, birth control for schoolgirls, government-controlled education, the end of the coal industry, open borders, and amnesty for illegal aliens — plus, he likes China's repressive government. On the other hand, Bloomberg supports strict drug laws (except for pot); opposes social promotion in schools; and, in a most un-socialist way, is a fiscal conservative who dislikes high taxes. Bloomberg can more accurately be described as a despot.  A despot is a ruler with unlimited power, which seems to be Bloomberg's dream.  His goal is to micromanage every citizen's life, right down to how Jewish kids get circumcised and how much salt people can eat.  Many of his initiatives have less to do with ideology than with raw power (but always, of course, for the good of the little people). One thing Bloomberg understands is that, if criminals can...(Read Full Post)
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