Men's high fashion has finally achieved total wokeness

For those of us who are not fashionistas, the doings of the big fashion houses seem both far away and pointless.  Nevertheless, there are people who care deeply about them.  Moreover, what starts on the runway ends in Hollywood.  And Hollywood, whether one likes it or not, still has cultural reach. That's why, because high fashion occasionally does trickle down to us, the ordinary folk, it's sometimes worth checking in to see what's going on.  Before doing so, a reminder of what men's high fashion once looked like in America via Hollywood: And now back to what's coming to America from Milan.  Gucci has decided that masculinity is a bad thing and that fashion is the weapon by which to destroy it.  In an article bearing the powerful title "Gucci Takes Toxic Masculinity to Task for Fall 2020," we learn the following: Exactly five years have passed since the world caught a...(Read Full Post)
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