Joe Biden: The great uniter of the liberal factions?

Biden is clearly the right choice for the Democrats.  He unites in himself the two wings that have defined the Democrats: the Obama wing and the Clinton wing. First, there is Obama's foreign policy legacy.  Biden was aligned with the main element of Obama's foreign policy even before the advent of Obama.  Obama's foreign policy was defined by his unwavering support for Iran.  Obama consistently supported the mullahs throughout his time in office — during the uprising in Iran in 2009; by sending Iran billions, including an airlift of vast quantities of cash; and by lifting sanctions when sanctions were threatening the mullahs' grip on power. This helps us understand Obama's selection of Biden for V.P.  Many people considered to be in the know struggled to explain Obama's choice of Biden in 2008.  As it happens, I was at a dinner party right after Obama made his announcement.  The...(Read Full Post)
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