Israeli think tank has Soleimani's number

Less than a week after the rub-out of Iranian terrorist kingpin Qassem Soleimani, quite a few pundits are dishing opinions to the press.  Some are good, and others, such as Ben Rhodes, are an embarrassment. Some of the best stuff comes from the people who watch the Iranians as a matter of survival: the Israelis.  It's pretty useful to know how the Israelis are reading things in the wake of Soleimani being sent to collect his virgins, given that Israel has some impressive analysts.  One Israeli think-tank — the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies — has a lightning-fast set of takes on what's likely to happen next with the Soleimani kill-off, and what it means, brimming with striking insights.  The title of the study just out is "The Soleimani Killing: An Initial Assessment," and it's a must-read at this link here.  The essays are short and striking.  Here's a bit of...(Read Full Post)
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