In Australia, fires expose green folly

Australia is has endured some of the worst bushfires in its history.  Greens blame climate change, but it's a cover-up.  In reality, they have themselves to blame.  From here in Australia, it can only be called green folly. Green folly locked up 11% of Australia in a tinderbox of bushfire fuel, much of which is now burnt or burning. Green folly closed forest tracks and gates; expelled foresters and timber-workers; and prevented property-owners from removing flammable fuel from their own land and adjacent roads, parks, and forests. Those responsible for these follies should face Class Action. Green folly promotes electric vehicles, but not one fire truck, dozer, water bomber, helicopter, ambulance, or naval vessel ran on batteries.  They all used hydro-carbon fuels — diesel, petrol, or avgas.  And with so many power lines down, these electric toys could not have recharged their batteries...(Read Full Post)
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