Impeachment: The GOP should call the Dems' bluff

The impeachment trial in the Senate is about to begin.  After months of Democratic showboating in the House of Representatives, which resulted in the passing of articles of impeachment against President Trump, and a further four-week postponement while Speaker Nancy Pelosi delayed sending the formal articles to the Senate, Pelosi has now caved. The main condition Pelosi sought, but did not get, was an assurance that the Democrats could call new witnesses who had not testified during the House proceedings.  Among the proposed witnesses are former national security adviser John Bolton and acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney.  Instead, Mitch McConnell has declared that the question of witnesses, if any, will be decided by the full Senate after formal presentation of the charges by House managers and the initial defense by the president's team. McConnell's decision to start the trial without an agreement on witnesses is...(Read Full Post)
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