Impeachment hearings are congressional tee-ball

True story: I almost burned my house down yesterday afternoon.  My nearly fatal mistake was to put on a pot of my favorite peas to warm on the stove before sitting down to watch a few minutes of the impeachment trial.  I woke up to the smoke detector screaming about the kitchen filled with smoke.  My first instinctive thought was to wonder how someone had managed to shoot me with a tranquilizer dart within the safety of my own home. After airing out the house, I decided that from that point forward, I'd stay on my feet to watch what might have best been described as Hollywood for ugly people.  Joe Manchin asked a pretty good question: in the past three hundred years, what has changed in the definition of high crimes and misdemeanors?  At some point in his reply, one of the president's defense counselors (I apologize for not taking notes) managed to make the point that President Clinton had actually been accused and proved to...(Read Full Post)
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