Impeachment: Are the Democrats crazy like a fox?

Why would the Left spend so much time and effort on a cause (impeachment) that its members know has less than a 5% chance of succeeding?  The answer is that impeachment is not their real agenda.  This spectacle has two primary objectives — and both are about obstructing President Trump from getting re-elected in 2020. First, Democrats are concerned that the president can rightfully claim several accomplishments under his watch (e.g., a booming economy).  They are desperate to minimize the chances of him adding any other new successes to his résumé. Since any administration has limited bandwidth, the first rationale behind the impeachment effort is to keep the President and his administration focused on defending his prior actions anywhere (Russia, Ukraine, etc.).  The longer they can string out these distractions, the less chance there will be for the president to achieve additional accomplishments (e.g. with China,...(Read Full Post)
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